KEW (Keep Evolving Wellness) Community

Keep Evolving Wellness Center fosters meaningful connections, providing a safe and supportive community.  There are 3 different ways to be a member of the KEW Community

The Meditation Group

Meets weekly for guided meditation, reflection and group discussion.
$11.00 /month

Keep Evolving Women’s Circle

Meetings are held on the last Monday of every month from 7pm – 8pm EST.  The focus is to have a circle of support as we continue to move through the areas of wellness within the Dimensions of Evolving, with  special emphasis in social wellness.  Each member is invited to share in their area of strength and support as they grow in their expertise.
$11.00 /month

Holistic Happy Hour

Meetups online and in person and open to all genders allowing us the opportunity to kick back and heal with like minded individuals while enjoying healthy food and cocktails.
$11.00 /month


"Michelle has all of the qualities of a great therapist. She’s empathetic, and a great listener, and her powers of observation are super sharp! She hears what I’m saying not just at the surface level but underneath the words and smiles. She encourages me to interrogate my thoughts and more importantly, to process and honor my emotions even when I’m uncomfortable, not tapped into them, or would prefer to avoid them. She’s also non-judgmental; she gives me the space to say what’s on my mind and reminds me that as I focus on being a work in progress, I am enough right now. Through my work with Michelle, I am reminded to extend the same grace to myself that I give to others. I also feel more confident and empowered to make the positive and necessary changes that will benefit me and put me on the path I want to be on."
single, nursing student
"Michelle, you are a soul surgeon!"
Single mom, Professional mentor

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